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Post-Operative Nursing Care for Cosmetic Surgery

You probably think of cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery as it also gets called an in-and-out proposition. Nearly every type of surgery qualifies as outpatient surgery. That doesn’t mean you won’t need post-operative care though.

For example, if you undergo traditional liposuction, you will likely need assistance for about two weeks for essential items, such as wound care and bathing. You’ll probably also need help getting out of bed and to the bathroom, as well as help preparing food. For the first 18 to 24 hours after the surgery, you should not operate a vehicle and for the first 24 hours, you should avoid making major decisions.

While cosmetic surgery has made many strides and you can find a less invasive alternative to many traditional surgeries, you’ll still need to rely on the old-school operations for some items. For nearly every type of surgery, you’ll need a medical checkup at least 24 hours to ensure that your heart rate and blood pressure remain within the appropriate range. The checkup also examines any incisions made during the surgery, to ensure no infection develops.

Liposuction isn’t the only type of cosmetic or plastic surgery requiring post-op care. When you undergo breast augmentation, you will need assistance for at least one week because you cannot drive, lift heavy items, and you may experience trouble walking for a few days. During the first week, you will also need to undergo breast massage to ensure the implants maintain proper placement. For at least the first two weeks, you will wear a placement bra constantly. You will even wear it during sleep and showering. You’ll need assistance with wound care, as well.

When you undergo a traditional facelift, you will need to stay in a post-operative care facility for up to 48 hours after your surgery. A nurse maintains the drain installed and checks your vital signs. This individual also changes your dressings and administers your medication.

These three types of common surgery represent only a handful of the situations in which you would require post-op nursing care. You don’t have to stay in a post-op center though. You can obtain the services of a traveling nurse – a registered nurse (RN) who visits your home to provide you with the necessary care. Choosing a traveling nurse like Elevate Beauty Healthcare Consulting provides. Let us help you remain in your own home with the health care you need to result in the best possible recovery.

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